About Ignite Solutions

Ignite Solutions, eastablished in 2005, is managed by two partners, each with more than 20 years of technology experience. We pride ourselves on helping our clients solve complicated problems in record time and with solid solutions.

What Ignite is Not

Ignite Solutions is not one of those web “development” companies who uses the model of grabbing a free template somewhere off the internet, throwing your logo on it, changing some colors and calling it “design”. If you ask your developer for something custom and they respond with “let me see if there’s a plug-in for that”, your web developer would be better described as an integrator. They’ve got square holes, are you a square peg?

What We Do Best

We have clients that have been with us since we started in 2005. That’s a statement that many other development shops can’t make. Why is Ignite Solutions different?

We bring decades of expertise and focus it on delivering a solution at a value that we believe can’t be beat. We’re nimble and can turn on a dime. When we engage with you and your company, we don’t see ourselves as just another vendor but rather a partner that is interested in your business. We know that the more successful you are, the more successful we are. We’re part of your team. We’ve been known to answer phone calls at 2am and have pulled all-nighters to deliver last minute requests that were crucial to our clients business.

We deliver results.

Mike Chytracek

Mike first taught himself how to program on the Commodore 64 he received as a Christmas present in 1984.  He was soon fascinated by the concept that you could plug your computer into a phone line and have the computer connect to other computers where you could meet new people and share ideas.

 It only seemed like a natural progression when he first discovered the internet in 1994.  While simultaneously nuturing an IT career, he learned how to develop applications for the internet While working for a Chicago area dealership, he launched one of the first car dealership websites in the area (for 1998) and the only dealership that had it's inventory listed and updated daily.  In 2000 he went to work for a small development company, SGSNet, in the Chicago area where he met future partner, Jeff Meister, and worked with clients like Ty, Gatorade, Carr Futures and Wilton Industries.  In 2003 that small company was bought by Whittman-Hart, and by 2005 Mike and Jeff left Whittman-Hart to form Ignite Solutions and many clients followed them; Wilton Industries, Quaker/Gatorade, Dehnco to name a few.

Mike is married with two children and in his spare time enjoys music, reading and spending as much time fishing the surf in the outer banks of North Carolina.

Jeff Meister

Jeff Meister is an experienced leader in architecting business solutions tailored to individual business’s needs and budgets. With twenty years of experience in internet consulting for large and medium sized corporations, and an additional ten years of experience in engineering and quality assurance at NASA, Jeff Meister brings a unique capability to the Ignite Solutions team, applying sound engineering principles to solving business challenges. 

Jeff Meister specializes in strategic eCommerce initiatives, performance optimization, workflow management solutions, web analytics instrumentation and analysis, and 3rd party software integration.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Akron and has completed Doctoral Studies in Computer Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

On his time off Jeff enjoys fly fishing and both fresh and salt water kayaking.

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